At Aaron | Stokes, we consider voice and dialog recording an art unto itself. Our extensive experience in recording and producing projects involving dramatic reading is unique in this region. But before recording starts, talent must be cast.

Successful voice casting requires a community with a full range of practicing voice talent, as well as emerging talent. The Twin Cities rank second only to New York in live theater per capita, and is the third-largest theater market in the U.S. after New York and Chicago. This provides us a very deep pool of seasoned and emerging voice talent.

We begin by collecting a roster of actors that clearly posses the obvious attributes of a character - actors that portray the character naturally, and can perform free-of-tension during the final recording sessions. The auditions are then scheduled.

Auditioning is usually done by first directing the actor with a clearly defined character profile, then moving the actor towards any budding improvisational impulses. The actor often brings to the audition something previously unseen or preconceived. On occasion, it’s brilliant!

The ranking of players is largely intuitive - when it’s good, it’s good. It’s critical to fully understand the program demographics and overall intentions.

From that short list of selected candidates - balancing voice timbre, style, contrast, and actor chemistry - an ensemble is created.

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